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Shark Energy Drink Soundvibes Music Festival
MoviXD Live Link
Mix Fm welcomes MoviXD’s virtual reality in 6 dimensions with a live link as loud as it goes! MoviXD grand opening with invitation only private party on Friday March 30th at Piyales Pasha Street Mackenzie – Larnaca. Tune in to Mix Fm 16:00 – 18:00 and enjoy a 6D live link musical journey with DJ Peter and Mix Fm’s hosts Andy Panayiotou and Emily Avraam.
Live broadcast of all seven events
This year Armin van Buuren celebrates 550 episodes of A State Of Trance, the world's most popular dance music radio show. On air now for 11 years.
26th of February 2012
Merilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga ... invite you all to walk with them the infamous Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Mix Fm's Carnival Party, Sunday, February 26th at Occhio Nicosia.
25th of February 2012
A mind-blowing Carnival Extravaganza. DJ S7S LIVE IN LARNACA – SATURDAY 25th FEBRUARY – CLUB DEEP
25th of February 2012
On Saturday, the 25th of February, when the night falls, we will release the darkest creatures of the night. Mix FM presents a Carnival party only for strong nerves
31st of December 2011
With the group 'Sex Me Up' from Athens
26th of December 2011
Shark Energy Drink presents the world’s No1 female DJ…Claudia Cazacu on the 26th of December.
22nd of December 2011
This year experience the extraordinary with Corona Extra & Mix FM’s Jingle Ball 2011, at Club Nuovo.
8th December 2011
Cocktail Party and Live Link
2nd of December 2011
Mix FM Dj Show
3rd & 4th of December 2011
3rd Dance & Fitness Convention

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