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Paint your future... color your studies!
Live Dj Show with Dj Peter
Thursday May 10
Design your own "P" Card Mix FM Live Link. Win €2000.
May 17 2012
SHARK Energy Drink presents STEVE ANGELLO
Saturday June 16
American Pie: Reunion Live Dj Show
Friday 27th April
Join The City Remix
Saturday 21st April
I Love the 90s with Dino G Vol. 2
Saturday 28th April
Summer Clubbing at club Deep is about to start
Monday April 30
Live Link at City Plaza with Sax, Kanali, Taxidoefkeries, X-Eyes, iCity
Shark Energy Drink Soundvibes Music Festival
MoviXD Live Link
Mix Fm welcomes MoviXD’s virtual reality in 6 dimensions with a live link as loud as it goes! MoviXD grand opening with invitation only private party on Friday March 30th at Piyales Pasha Street Mackenzie – Larnaca. Tune in to Mix Fm 16:00 – 18:00 and enjoy a 6D live link musical journey with DJ Peter and Mix Fm’s hosts Andy Panayiotou and Emily Avraam.

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