iPhone 6 bends in your pocket

The new iPhone is a well sought after device and, according to Apple, has reached over 10 million units in only a few short days.

But there is one new unwanted "feature" of the very light phone that is starting to pop up on social media.

Already being dubbed 'Bend-Gate', the new iPhone 6 Plus (and some of the smaller iPhone 6 devices) seem to be bending when applying a "normal amount" of pressure on the device.

Apple have declined to comment.

Technology website CNet have been able to replicate the issue, and believe it's a design flaw where the phone bends towards the top of the device.

There are now hundreds of iPhone 6 users complaining of the problem.

Users are starting to take to social media and Apple's official forums with the bending problem.

Both iPhone 6 models are reportedly "warping" and it seems to be after sitting down with the phone in pockets.

It might be best to keep your shiny new phone out of your pocket when sitting down to avoid any shape changes.

The 'Cult Of Mac' blog points out that other devices have also previously had issues with bending in the past due to the use of aluminium.

The site listed such phones as Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 5 and 5S, Blackberry Q10, HTC EVO and iPhone 4S having a problem with bending or warping.


Unbox Therapy have released a video on YouTube showing just how easy it is is get the new phone out of shape.

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