Top 15 shortest women in Hollywood

We all think that the Hollywood celebrities are all tall, skinny and beautiful. And we can’t be more wrong. There are many celebrities that don’t fit in the standart idea of beauty – they are either too short, or chubby, or the have bad teeth.

Here are some of the shortest HOLLYWOOD celebrities that no matter their height have been on top since they first went under the HOLLYWOOD spotlight.

Hayden Panettiere (1,53 m)


Judi Dench (1,55 m)


Lady Gaga (1,55 m)


Reese Witherspoon (1,56 m)


Alyssa Milano (1,57 m)


Anna Kendrick (1,57 m)


Emilia Clarke (1,57 m)



Hilary Duff (1,57 m)


Nicki Minaj (1,57 m)


Salma Hayek (1,57 m)


Vanessa Hudgens (1,57 m)


Elisha Cuthbert (1,58 m)


Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1,58 m)


Rooney Mara (1,60 m)


Scarlett Johansson (1,62 m)

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